On Yosemite

I am delighted to share that the upcoming version of will be out soon, fully compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite. on yosemite

This version packs multiple improvements, starting with the UI. For example, we have completely re-designed with vibrancy in mind. Notice that the side-bar is now fully translucent using the light vibrancy appearance. We have also combined the toolbar and the titlebar into one, saving valuable screen estate and modernizing the overall look and fell. Various color and line properties, were improved and some visual quirks fixed.

On the top of the usual user-interface improvements, we have also upgraded the internal proxy engine by ramping up internal algorithms and optimizing data structures. We are only waiting for two feature requests to be confirmed before we ship the version for approval. Overall, it will take 2-3 weeks from today before the version appears in the App Store.

Meanwhile, get in touch if you have any ideas how to make even better.