SOAP and WSDL Testing Capabilities

We are excited to announce that we have improved Soap with abilities to load and work with WSDL files. WSDL stands for Web Service Description Language and it is at the core of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). With this change you can now easily test any web service (a lot of enterprise applications), directly from your browser, using only the tools from the Suite.

It is easy to get started. Here is a short tutorial.

Step 1

Open Soap. Click on the Load File button and select the WSDL file you want to use. As soon as the file is loaded you will see the generated service requests populated inside the transactions table on the right-hand-side.

soap step 1

Step 2

Now you can explore the various operations described inside the WSDL file. In order to do something useful with them simply select any operation and click the XMLFuzz button to start fuzzing. You can also use Resend to interact with the service manually.

soap step 2


This is it. As you can see it takes only two simple steps to get you started exploring and testing SOAP services. Best of all, you don't need to install additional applications, Java and what not. Everything that you need is available directly from your browser in a cross-platform fashion and offline support too. This is the power of the Suite.