The Survey Has Ended

With a bit of sadness we report that the Survey, which we launched just a month ago, has come to an end. It has been an amazing experience and the feedback we received was totally awesome. Thank you very much. You contributions will help us tie up some of the loose ends and take our service to the next level.


  • \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • \\░░░░█░▀▄░░░░░░░░░░▄▄███▀ \\
  • \\░░░░█░░░▀▄░▄▄▄▄▄░▄▀░░░█▀ \\
  • \\░░░░░▀▄░░░▀░░░░░▀░░░▄▀ \\
  • \\░░░░░░░▌░▄▄░░░▄▄░▐▀▀ \\
  • \\░░░░░░▐░░█▄░░░▄█░░▌▄▄▀▀▀▀█ \\
  • \\░░░░░░▌▄▄▀▀░▄░▀▀▄▄▐░░░░░░█ \\
  • \\░░░▄▀▀▐▀▀░░░░░░░▀▀▌▄▄▄░░░█ \\
  • \\░░░█░░░▀▄░░░░░░░▄▀░░░░█▀▀▀ \\
  • \\░░░░▀▄░░▀░░▀▀▀░░▀░░░▄█▀ \\
  • \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The Survey wasn't just about us but also about you. We tried to unleash your artistic side and creative thinking as well. What you see above is one of the contributed ASCII arts we received from you. It is our favourite. We have also received and read (sometimes loling with tears) all the your answers from the bonus questions with some of the best following next.

Q: Does anyone actually kill two birds with one stone?

<pre><code class="nohighlight">- via space and time warp, yes

  • I know people who have. It was an accident with a paintball gun....
  • Sometimes, but you need a big stone!
  • Maybe two bone heads. Why pick on the birds?
  • I heard Chuck Norris killed 2 stones with one bird once
  • Technically you could use the same stone to kill as many birds as you like
  • yes, my grandpa did :|</code></pre>

Q: Why do donuts have holes?

<pre><code class="nohighlight">- so you can carry them on a rope.

  • How else would they make and sell "donut holes"?
  • It increases their structural integrity by 10 sugar points
  • so you can stack them on a popsicle
  • Easier to hang on a coat hanger
  • Better grip
  • to give us donut holes
  • so i can make it as telescope :)
  • Why are the holes surrounded with dough?
  • Because of the o (Dnuts sounds silly)
  • if donut is a security application,the hole is for to be used by hacker like me :P
  • Cause it's a tire for my bread car!
  • Its a bug there :P
  • Munchkins conspiracy
  • less is more
  • Because it's infact a wormhole to another donut.
  • So police can stick there guns in them for easy access

Longer Explanation

  • sea captain named Hanson Gregory, while manning his post one stormy night, found it impossible both to steer his vessel and to eat his fried cake. Out of sheer frustration, and probably out of hunger, he impaled his cake over one of the spokes of the ship's wheel, thereby creating a finger hold with which to grip the cake. Quite pleased with his ingenuity, Mr. Gregory ordered the galley's cook to fry the cakes in that manner henceforth.</code></pre>

What is a picture of a thousand words worth?

<pre><code class="nohighlight">- 8 bits

  • liberty
  • man in the moon
  • It's worth another picture of the same thousand words
  • One Donut
  • I don't understand modern art. Seems to be re-captcha.
  • anything from a dating site, look at the picture, ignore the thousand words that follow
  • Chocolate peanuts.

Longer Explanation

  • As of today? A bun in the oven. The exchange rate is constantly fluctuating, however, and could be worth at least a stich in time tomorrow. I've seen it as high as a two in the bush.</code></pre>

Can you cry under water?

<pre><code class="nohighlight">- Depends on preasure (how deep you are:) )

  • sure in salt water
  • i'll have a try
  • only if in a tunnel / submarine
  • Well, I can pee underwater so extrapolating that, we can infer YES.
  • Anyone who's been stung by a jelly fish would say "HELL YES!"
  • Only if you're a mermaid.</code></pre>

As we promised 100 participants will get all of our tools for free for the next 180 days. We are not going to say who but if you are one of the lucky ones you will get notified in the next 24 hours with a welcome email. Just to bring some legitimacy to this business we will appreciate if you can tweet about it with hashtag #websecurify. If you cannot be bothered, it is ok but it will be awesome if you do.