The Upcoming WebReaver

The upcoming version of WebReaver, that is version 2.0, will be faster, better and a lot cooler - designed specifically for Mac OS X Yosemite. Here are a few of the stock screenshots that will appear in the appstore with the upcoming release.

<div class="roll"> <img src="/uploads/22493012-c2ba-40b6-9ee7-86064bcfa7b0.jpg"/> <img src="/uploads/ddf88f3c-1dbb-4bd0-88c2-9a9057c0575c.jpg"/> <img src="/uploads/110df296-2d43-424d-b989-e1213c4340e2.jpg"/> <img src="/uploads/79629466-b46f-4be4-a20f-42cd89ccb600.jpg"/> <img src="/uploads/ab241e85-c276-46c9-a275-71f9c1665460.jpg"/> </div>

What we are trying to achieve with this version is one coherent environment that will work well for the foreseeable future. The first and most significant difference is the user interface as you can tell. However, underneath we have incorporated a lot of changes including a fully rewritten testing engine and much more.

More details will follow up soon. For now you can simply enjoy the screenshots.