The Websecurify Suite has now officially moved to SECAPPS. The old domain is still valid and will be in operation for the time being. Login via Google will be re-routed to using the brand new OAuth2 auth system. Things has never been better.

This move aims to achieve two important milestones. First, describes better the value of the service that we offer and we believe that this change will make it easier for new comers to simply "get it" what we do. Second, we want to expand our platform to 3rd-party content. Indeed! In the following months we will be making important changes to allow other tools, besides those produced by our team, to be accessed through the Websecurify platform and possibly take over. This is going to be a killer feature which will be covered extensively in a separate blog post soon.

For now this change will fill subtle and hopefully not too intrusive. If you are interested to hear what we have prepared next and want to take an active part in the development of our platform, simply get in touch.