Introducing Foobar

Coding is an essential skill in The 21st century yet it is barely covered in most school curriculums. Many people are simply out of touch with computational technology and how it works. As a company that holds to certain moral principles we decided to correct this error our own way. This why we made Foobar!

Foobar is a multi-language development environment for trying new things, testing ideas, learning new algorithms and pretty much everything else you can imagine related to programming. Foobar was designed to enable you to quickly jump into a problem without going through the usual tiresome setup process. Imagine that you want to quickly try something in jQuery, WebGL or Processing.js - no problem we've got you covered. It is as easy as clicking on a button.

Out of the box, Foobar supports Apple Script (inc. the JavaScript variant), Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP (as cmd or server), HTML DOM (both JavaScript and CoffeeScript), HTML, Markdown, Processing.js and WebGL (both JavaScript and CoffeeScript). We are planning to add Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, LESS, SASS, CSS and others with the upcoming releases. Foobar is very configurable, which means that you will be able to add your own development bundles too.

The tool comes with a VT100-enabled console and a preview area. Both features are very handy because you can test your code without leaving the current window. You either need to press on the play button or use the ⌘-R keyboard shortcut. The console supports the standard escape sequences you are used to and you can also use it as an input device.

Foobar is very customizable. You can change the theme of the editor and the colors of the console. You can tweak the editor line number and code folding options. The support for the various languages and programming platforms (i.e. the bundles) is also customizable although we haven't exposed those features yet due to concerns how we want to make them used in a stable and consistent way.

Foobar is an amazing tool and we use it internally for fun and sometimes for profit too. It is very refreshing to get started with your next major project from just a simple experiment. If you are into this sort of things, like we are, we highly recommend to give Foobar a try.