New Awesome Beta Test

Oh we love doing beta tests. Yes we do give away a lot of technology for free but the feedback that we get back from your users is invaluable. This is because we care a lot about how our tools will be used and if they will be helpful at all in the long run. There is no good reason to continue building new tools without knowing that they will come handy every once in a while. :)

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to our new and exciting open beta test. We are not yet announcing what it is but you can get insights by signing up to our Beta Testers Mailing List. There is no catch. We simply do not want to open the floodgates just yet because it is simply not ready.

If you sign up we will send you the first email within minutes. We will get you introduced with the technology we are currently developing and let you play with it. We will follow up with you later to ask how was your experience. That's all.

Anyway, signup for the beta test. It is quite awesome.