Landing Fiddles

Since the beginning our goal has been simple: promote and advance information security research. Today we came one step closer to fulfill this mission by landing a feature we call fiddles.

With the help of the SECAPPS Fiddles you can easily and anonymously save and share pre-configured HTTP requests (among other things) with the rest of the world. It saves you time. It is easy to pass around even in a tweet. It makes you part of the community. The best part is though that you can learn from others by studying the fiddles shared around.

Currently this features is available only in our Rest tool but we have plans to include it in the Fuzzer, Encoder and any other tool which can be used to build and spread pre-built useful features and of course knowledge.

Here is how you can create your first fiddle.

Step 1

Open Rest and configure your request. Make sure you test it out before. You can use variables, encoders, decoders, hashing functions and everything else part of the kit to make it perfect.

Step 2

It is recommended and in fact encouraged to lead some notes for the next person. Click on the README button to open the readme pannel. Type some text or drop in your awesome ascii art.

Step 3

Click on the save button to save your fiddle. Notice how the url in the address bar changed. This is the address of your fiddle. You can copy and share it with your friends, on stackoverflow, in a blog and anywhere else you can post a link.

Since you are the author of the new fiddle you can continuously save over your creation up-to a day. Simples!


There you go! As the saying goes "Sharing is caring". I really hope you will will enjoy this feature as much as we do. Also, let us know if you build something interesting. We will share it on our blog and twitter.