Landing Unfold Beta

We are very proud the announce the public beta release of Unfold - our own web application file and directory bruteforcer/discovery tool ala DirBuster. Unlike DirBuster however, which requires Java, all you need to use Unfold is a web browser, ultimately making the tool available on every modern desktop platform.

unfold testing

Under the hood Unfold allows a wide range of customizations including the ability to select the HTTP method, recursion levels, and choose various lists for file and folder bruteforcing. Furthermore, you can even create compound lists, using a combination of two separate lists, perfect for trying to find files with specific extensions or bruteforce weird application structures.

configuration options

All lists are easily customized by hand (simply start building your list) but you can also load lists from file.

build your own list

For your convenience we also provide shortcuts to various common lists. Once you select the list you want, we will download it for you and cache it for future use. There is no fuss.

load common list

This is just the beginning! Unfold is currently available to everyone as long as you use our Next SecApps (your normal credentials will work). Take it for a spin and tell us what do you think.